Saturday, 28 March 2015


At the beginning of this year I travelled to England for a holiday placement at an automotive design studio in a little town next to the coast called Paignton.

On my first weekend off I decided that a little adventure was needed, so I strapped my backpack on and of I went doing an 8km coastal hike to the nearest town called Torqua. I have come to realise that when you chose to walk above transport a deeper admiration is set regarding your surroundings,the view is never fully appreciated otherwise.

In Torqua I booked myself in at a backpackers where it was expected from me to share a room with a guy that was currently passed out on one  of the bunk beds, cradling a half bottle of whiskey like a lost teddy bear. With my conservative South African ways I protested and the receptionist quickly changed my room which I now shared with three girls being from Germany, China and England. (This is not the opening line to a bar joke)

This fashion post is dedicated to inspire the inner traveller or maybe the lost Bohemian, don't be afraid to get lost in the world, you might just learn a thing or two!

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