Saturday, 28 March 2015


At the beginning of this year I travelled to England for a holiday placement at an automotive design studio in a little town next to the coast called Paignton.

On my first weekend off I decided that a little adventure was needed, so I strapped my backpack on and of I went doing an 8km coastal hike to the nearest town called Torqua. I have come to realise that when you chose to walk above transport a deeper admiration is set regarding your surroundings,the view is never fully appreciated otherwise.

In Torqua I booked myself in at a backpackers where it was expected from me to share a room with a guy that was currently passed out on one  of the bunk beds, cradling a half bottle of whiskey like a lost teddy bear. With my conservative South African ways I protested and the receptionist quickly changed my room which I now shared with three girls being from Germany, China and England. (This is not the opening line to a bar joke)

This fashion post is dedicated to inspire the inner traveller or maybe the lost Bohemian, don't be afraid to get lost in the world, you might just learn a thing or two!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Today's look, take a few pines and berry's, blend it in a reasonably priced blender preferably the "Ninja Ultima" due to its exciting brand name. Sing a joyfull song and if your mood is that of a sad panda then google "Manu chao Bongo Bong" and start feeling happy. After the juice is pressed and the cake is baked then viola you have your look of the day a red dress covered in layers of winter warming goodness, while your flying through the hall like a new born unicorn on its way to a place where no fucks will be given.

Beautiful branches taken in the streets of London.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Oh the joys of forcing information into a brain deprived of its oxygen, as I am writing this with an undeniable hangover I am trying to find the courage to stare at my "Hydraulic and compressible flow turbo machines" handbook with a bit more determination. Mondays test draws nearer and I can't deny the social vibe that has emerged from the grey corner of my university town who will deem some kind of pleasure in seeing little success. 

This is my blog where you will read uesless jiberish on life events, future plans and nonesense fashion opinions. It will also provide a long string of vain "glorified selfies" to inspire the everyday fashionista. As I have a deep admiration for all things automotive you will also find a story or two of some shiny car that caught my attention.

I hope that in the few minutes that you took out of your busy life to look at these images on your computer screen that I indeed have not bored you to death.