Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Oh the joys of forcing information into a brain deprived of its oxygen, as I am writing this with an undeniable hangover I am trying to find the courage to stare at my "Hydraulic and compressible flow turbo machines" handbook with a bit more determination. Mondays test draws nearer and I can't deny the social vibe that has emerged from the grey corner of my university town who will deem some kind of pleasure in seeing little success. 

This is my blog where you will read uesless jiberish on life events, future plans and nonesense fashion opinions. It will also provide a long string of vain "glorified selfies" to inspire the everyday fashionista. As I have a deep admiration for all things automotive you will also find a story or two of some shiny car that caught my attention.

I hope that in the few minutes that you took out of your busy life to look at these images on your computer screen that I indeed have not bored you to death.

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